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  • What does PGI mean on the labels?
    PGI stands for Protected Geographic Indication. It is a requirement from the EU and allows freedom in terms of the grape variety and production method that can be allowed in the making of the wine. The wines have been submitted for independent post bottling analysis which helps us make a superior wine.
  • Can I order a mixed case of wine?
    Yes! You can order as little as 1 bottle or as many as you like! There is no minimum order.
  • Can I come and pick the grapes at harvest time?
    Yes! Please message us directly from the contact section of our site or e-mail us. Add your telephone number and we will call you to advise when picking is taking place. (Usually in October)
  • Do you use any non UK grown grapes in your wine?
    No – we only use UK grown grapes
  • What Grape Varieties are used?
    Our wines are made from Seyval Blanc, Phoenix, Solaris, Rondo and Triomphé d’Alsace. These are mainly hybrid grape varieties that are suitable for growing in the UK
  • Why do we use screw tops?
    Our experience shows that it is much easier to store part bottles once opened and it also reduces the chance of the wine being corked.
  • Are Fleur Fields wines organic?
    We use organic methods, but we are not officially registered with the soil association
  • Can we pick up wine directly from Fleur Fields Vineyard?
    We are happy to get your order ready for collection. With the current Covid-19 situation we would ask that you call us beforehand and arrange a time to pick up. Then we will leave it out for you so that there is no contact.


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