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Welcome to Fleur Fields

Life’s not a rehearsal. Let’s enjoy every minute in the 

company of friends and family.

It’s about being different.

It’s about fun, freedom, bright colours, life, laughter and

smiling faces.

The flavour is fresh, crisp, elderflower undertones with a

honey and melon top note.

Served with blueberry pie, chilled, shared and enjoyed.

It’s sun-filled gardens and light filled rooms.

It’s about laughter.

It’s saying to the world; today is not just any old day. 
Today… will be fun.

It’s a small thing, but it makes a huge difference.

Sunshine. Funshine. Cheers.



How Fleur Fields Vineyard was Born

After a holiday in Tuscany my wife, Flora, and I felt we wanted to bring a little bit of the life home with us, so we then decided to cultivate a vineyard. We had the perfect spot in mind, a south facing meadow at the top of the hill, over looking Pitsford Reservoir.


With the help and support from our friends and family, we planted the vines on the 26th of December 2000. Now we have bottled the sunshine and laughter into both sparkling and still wine for everyone to taste and enjoy.


It’s delicious, I am of course biased… so contact us and we’ll be delighted for you to taste yourself!


Bill Hulme



“We have bottled
the sunshine and laughter
into both still and sparkling wine
for everyone to taste and enjoy.” 

~ Bill Hulme ~

Our Wines


We are all Plumpton College trained and therefore qualified vineyard managers and wine makers.

The year starts in the vineyard with pruning which takes place before end of March. This is probably the most important activity of the season.


Bud-burst is at the end of April, we pray for no frost, which would destroy all the green shoots. Tucking in is then performed, were the vines are tucked in to the wires, to prevent them from reaching the floor where all the disease is and to keep the vines tidy.


Spraying of the vines takes place throughout the summer. We spray with Bicarb (that is used in your kitchen) and a little sulphur every 10 days.


Grass cutting commences with flowering, around the end of July. As September draws to a close, we test the grapes sugar and acidity levels, so that we know when to pick.

Picking usually takes place at the end of October after we have a perfect balance between sugar and acidity.

You are welcome to join in, so feel free to contact us.

Being a small boutique vineyard, it is uneconomical for us to have our own equipment, therefore after picking, the grapes are transported by truck to Three Choirs in Newent. We use their equipment to de-stork, press and ferment the grapes.
After the fermentation period is over, we then taste, bottle and ship the bottled wine back to the Fleur Fields Vineyard to label, box and sell the wine.  
We belong to GB WINE (Midlands and North) and usually enter their very prestigious annual competition.                
In the last few years we have won the following awards:

  • Two gold medals

  • Thirty seven silver or bronze medals

  • Nineteen trophies:
    Many Wine of the Year and Best Vintage trophies 

Our Wines
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